Fable Bakery was born five years ago with the desire to extend the choice of quality bread here in Perth. Lena, growing up with traditionally baked breads from her family's bakery in the North of Germany and myself, who after spending several years in Germany had developed a taste for good bread, so returning to Perth, we found it difficult to find the bread we loved.

We started experimenting with sourdough, and had encouraging results. What then started as a way to provide delicious bread for ourselves, soon developed into baking loaves for friends and family. In 2017 we purpose built our lovely shed bakery on our property and started baking for the wider community.

We hope you enjoy our breads as much as we enjoy baking them.

Clayton + Lena



The ingredients we use are very important to us. We use biodynamic, organic or certified sustainable flour, depending on availability and any grains or seeds we use are also sourced with care, opting for Australian grown and organic where possible.

We bake using a traditional slow ferment using a sourdough starter, never using baker's yeast. Our Country loaf for instance ferments for about 20 hours before going in the oven. This long ferment helps break down the gluten, making it easier on the stomach, as well as allowing time for the natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria provided from the starter to develop its wonderful flavour.